Dolphin Splash!

Acrylic on Canvas by Hannah W., Age 14
Second Year students were challenged to design the front and backs of their own silk pillows. Painting on silk is a wonderful
teaching discipline. There are some areas you can control and some you have to adjust to and "go with the flow". The emphasis
was on creative problem solving with design, limited space, color mixing and shading as well as the special characteristics of silk
painting technique.
Jackson B., age 10, used the silk project to express his fondness for stories of dragons on one side  and his love of dogs on
the other side. Also, his favorite color is blue.
Emma D., age 11, used symbols of favorite family nicknames for herself as inspiration for her pillow designs.
Corey B., age 9 had to work out some two point perspective techniques for his cabin in the snowy landscape. The other side of the
pillow related to the front with his snowflake design.
Tate R., age 9, wanted to create his own original dragon,
so he took characteristics from four different dragon
illustrations to use for his idea. The original drawing grew
so large, that rather than try to reduce it, we altered the
project for Tate to make a 30" square banner, instead of
the 16" square pillows.
Reverse Stencil, Animal habitats- Acrylic on acid free mat board
This technique allows students to explore brushes and texture,
color mixing, layering colors and drawing and shaping animals.
Halle T., age 8- Deer Family
Hannah T. age 10, -  Fox
Davis T., age 13- Snake
Dana K. age, 12, used reverse stencil and
regular stencil techniques to create the scene
for her Duck Family
Lauren K., Age 13, meticulously cut the tiny
pieces to reverse stencil this piece featuring the
swans and the  Mandarin Duck.
Frogs by Dylan B. age 8, reflects his
joyful spirit celebrating nature.
Tate R., age 10, wanted to revisit the
reverse stencil techniques to create this
portrait of his dog Baxter.
Corey B, age 10, also wanted to revisit
the reverse stencil techniques, as well
as use the computer to reproduce his
goldfinch and add to his Golden
Retriever composition.
Cherry! Acrylic on Canvas by Allison H., age 9

Brush control, shading and glazing colors,
form and composition were reinforced for
Allison in this simple abstract of fruit.
Julia S., age 10, arranged the summer fruits
and photographed the composition to use
as her model for this acrylic painting on
Sophia M., age 10, chose autumn fruits to
arrange and photograph for her composition to
paint in acrylic on canvas.
Hannah W., at age 15 created this oil on
element of abstract, and to hone her skill
in creating form.
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Mountain Scene
Water Color by Chad P. Age 8
Acrylic on Canvas by Brianna
Age 13
Acrylic on canvas
by Lauren, age 15
Study in linear and atmospheric
perspective by Tate, age 10.
Very complicated!
Claire B., age 8+, comes to the studio with her
own inspirations. This is a fantasy creature she
sculptured as part lion and part dragon- so it is
either a ligon or a dri-on (?)
A student  example of
The Grisaille Method of Painting
The old masters' technique of creating an underpainting in
monotone values (usually grey as the French term indicates)frees
the student to study the range of light and shadow to develop form
in the painting. Using a studio photo in black and white, Tate, age
10, created his drawing with the grid technique, then chose to use
burnt sienna tones for his underpainting. This choice was to  
insure  the warmest tones in the tulip and the richest tones in the
greens. After the shapes and values were established, and after
the acrylic painting had time to "cure", he  used translucent glazes
of colors, allowing the established values to further enhance the
final painting.
Tate's Tulip

by Tate R., age 10
Acrylic on canvas using the grisaille method.
Another Claire B. inspiration -
Glass mosaic on matboard.
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Student Gallery Page Three
The Kendall B. Parrot
by Kendall B. age 11
Acrylic on mat board and watercolor
Great Speckled Fritilaria on Butterfly Bush

Audrey W. Age 11
Acrylic on mat board and watercolor paper
Mountain Scene

Allison H. Age 9
Acrylic on canvas paper using the grisaille