by Allison H.
Age 7
"Elephant Pals"
Acrylic on
mat board and paper
Allison H.
Age 8
"Tiger Jungle"
on mat board and paper
Daniella N.
Age 8
"Underwater Scene"
Claire B.
Age 7
"Colors and Patterns"
Collage of hand cut paper
Jackson B.
Age 9
Painted Silk Noil Pillow
Dana K.
Age 10
"Cape Lookout"
Oil on Canvas
(after a photo from Our State Magazine)
Dana K.
Age 11
"Say Cheese"
Abstract Acrylic on Canvas
Dana K. Age 12
"Golden Day"
Oil on Canvas
Lauren K.
Age 12
Painted Silk Noil Pilow
Lauren K.
Age 11
In these four "Mountain Sunset"
mixed these
beautiful colors using  only the primary
Yellow, Red, Blue. They learned to use
the white paper as their "light".
Elena H.
Age 7
DYlan B.
Age 7
Luke H.
Age 7
Nicholas H.
Age 9
The "Wondercolor" studies allow students to explore with crayon, paint, water, paper and salt.
Each student chooses two colors, curved or straight lines for the underlying structure; then they
apply the water, paint  and take time to watch what happens before they add the salt. This study
illustrates how the movement of the paint and water helps the artist create. Then we wonder what
images will appear to the viewer with imagination. Here are a few samples.
Sculpting character faces helps the student understand the forms that make up the
"landscape" of the face.   Students were allowed to embellish their "faces" with motifs that
would indicate the character's spirit or personality. We used the sculpey clays that come in
a variety of colors,but most of the students had to mix the clays to get the desired skin
tones and other colors.
"Jackson" by Jackson,age 9
"Father Christmas" by Claire age 7
"Gypsy Story Teller"
by Corey, Age 9
"Green Man" spirit of growing things
by Tate, age 9
"Winter Spirit"
by Emma, Age 10
Mosaic Treasure Boxes
Students created their designs and chose the
materials, colors to depict them. To cover the
other sides of the boxes they created
marbled papers, and collage surfaces.
Swordfish and crab
by Jackson,Age 9
Four Corners
by Emma age 10
Crab Creature
by Nicholas, Age 9
by Corey, Age 9
Bird (with pink wings) flying
under the rainbow
by Claire Age 7
Red Snake, Blue Snake
by Tate, Age 9
The following examples are sculptures from
constructed foil armatures. Students
estimated proportion, mixed the colors of
clay and built up the layers of clay, to  create
the figures from their imaginations.
"Water Spirit" by Tate, Age 9
Front and rear view
by Jackson, Age 9
"Gorilla and Baby"
by Julia,Age 8
"Red Panda"
by Sophia, Age 8
Julia and Sophia created texture paintings of their same
animal choices.  
by Corey, age 9

Polymer clay sculpture by Jackson B., age 10

Because the craft oven is limited in size Jackson
had to create this 12" tall interpretation in  several
pieces, then assemble.
Inspired by the Season, Tate, age 9,
created an angel bell and candy cane
ornament. He followed a pattern in a clay
book to create the purple cow.
Penguin by Daniella and Snowman by Allison
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