Silk Gallery
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Silk is a challenging surface on which to paint, but the
soft effect is worth the effort. The calligraphy lines left by
pieces in contrast to the areas open for free flowing color.
Each piece is stretch and framed, but there are other
display methods for preesenting the art. These pieces are  
also available in open edition print on paper.
"Blue Ridge Daydream" 23"x 30"
Original painting on Silk Dupioni
"Hibiscus Glory"  26" x 32"
Original painting on Silk Habotai
Original Painting on Silk Dupioni
Commissioned Wall  Hanging, (not framed)
"Sonja's Rose" 25" x 25"
Original Painting on Silk Habotai

Inspired by a friend's garden in
Weaverville, NC.
Original not for sale, but smaller
prints are available.
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Original  painting on Silk Dupioni

Each magnolia blossom only lives one
day in its freshest white. So the bloom
reminds us to enjoy the moment while
the buds promise more delight for