Terms to know
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Giclee'- the latest technology in reproducing art with the finest fidelity to the
original. The art work is scanned into the computer, expertly "color matched" and
reproduced by the inks being sprayed in a mist onto the canvas. Though each
piece is more expensive to produce than the older offset lithograph method where
an artist had to pay thousands of dollars to get one print produced in an edition of
1000, the giclee' method allows the artist to call for a print as it is ordered, thus
freeing the budget to archive other pieces for easy retrieval and reproduction.
Just say "gee, clay".

Limited Edition Giclee'- The artist determines to have only a certain number of
reproductions made by the giclee' process.

Open Edition - There is no limit on the number of prints to be produced. Leslie
may  have smaller "open edition" prints available at a less expensive price, but
they will never be in the same size as the original or as true to the colors of the
original or the Giclee' limited editions (but they are much less expensive)..

Artist Enhanced- "AE" This means the artist has  added something to the print or
giclee' giving it individuality from all the other reproductions. It may be shading or
color enhancement or an additional motif.

Artist's Proof - When prints or giclees are created the artist is given the first few
copies to approve or decline. These are usually noted "AP" with the pencil