Fashion Gallery
This gallery displays my original hand painted scarves, stoles.
I have been discovering sources for organic,
Made in USA fabrics, Swiss
made cottons, and very special "Cruelty Free" silks for me to embellish
with my paint brushes and colors.
Here are a few samples of sizes, motifs and prices. Please remember I
can create custom designs in you favorite color scheme.
All of my fabrics are painted or dyed and set to be color safe when
washed gently in cool water with mild soap. Sizes are approximate
before hemming.
painted on 11" x 60" Habotai Silk.
design can be created in your
colors.           $65.00
"SummerTree" is one of my favorite
designs. Each one is different. This
one is 8" x 54" and though it is sold,
I can create one just for you in any
season.         $48.00
Not every one wears silk.  "Iris Soft"
is painted on sheer cotton gauze
loomed in the USA from USA grown
cotton.            14" x 60" -   $88.00
"Cool Summer Bouquet" contrasts
the blue shadows against the bright
warm lilies, just like I dream they
grow in my yard!           SOLD
14" x 72" Habotai Silk   $110.00
Many more coming soon!
Please check back often.
"Spring Birds" is inspired by the
little grey Juncos on my deck in late
winter and early spring.
Available 14"x 72"  for $88.00 (sold)
11" x 60" for $65.00
8" x 54" for $52.00
"Spring Tree" is another example
of the mountain tree series.
Available in 8"x 54" - $48.00
11" x 60 - $56.00
14" x 72" -
didn't know if I could portray such delicate
blooms in the "seri" resist technique. I was glad I
took the challenge.
Available on Habotai    14" x 72"  - $88.00
or Crepe De Chine         14" x 72"-  $98.00
"Dragon Fly" can be created in your
favorite color scheme. (sold)
8" x 54" - $48.00
11" x 60"  - $56.00
Just as it is nearly impossible to catch
a butterfly, this one cannot be
duplicated precisely, but you can
choose which colors dance the  
improvisation of flowing  silk paint .
"Butterfly Flurry" - 14" x 72" - $88.00
8" x 54" - $48.00
Refreshing "Spring Iris" is available
in  14" x 72" on Habotai  Silk - $98.00
32" x 32" Square    Silk -    $68.00
This 45" square hand painted silk  can
be worn so many different ways. Two
blooms, The remaining main corners
are filled , one with yellow iris blooms
and the other corner with purple iris.
The deep border is variegated with the
garden colors, while the scarf center  
appears textured with the rich humus
and lichens of the garden's earth
This unusual and elegant piece dresses
up the simplest outfit.                    
$180.00 (sold)
Custom stoles in your favorite colors
and flowers can be created in a similar
price range.
Hibiscus Garland is painted on
organic cotton grown and
loomed in the Carolinas.It is 14"
wide and 72" long.  The ends can
be fringed, hemmed or beaded.
Please inquire regarding price.
Hydrangeas dancing on organic cotton remind me of those cooler June mornings, before the
summer heat sets into the Carolinas. This one is 8" wide by 60" long. $60.00
Carolina Jasmine are twined
along this 8" x 60" long scarf of
organic cotton. $60.00
Autumn Cozy is painted with
coffee, tea and a bit of paint onto
organic cotton for the softest,
most natural effect. The 14"
width by 72" length makes a
comforting stole for autumn
days. $85.00